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Introduction to the Process of Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Centrifuge is actually the main manifestation of object inertia force, such as the water droplets on an umbrella. When the umbrella slowly rotates, the water droplets will follow the umbrella to rotate. This is because the sliding friction between the umbrella and the water droplets is contrary to the cohesion of the water droplets. However, if the umbrella rotates and accelerates, this sliding friction cannot cause the water droplets to move in a circular motion, and the magic water droplets will break away from the umbrella and move outward to exercise, just like using a rope to pull a stone block for circular motion, If the speed is too fast, the rope may break and the stones will be able to fly out. This is simply centrifugal, and the chemical centrifugal pump is designed based on this basic principle. The high-speed centrifugal impeller blades push the water to rotate, throwing it out, and achieving the transportation goal.

Emergency shutdown of chemical centrifugal pump process:

1) Quickly press the stop button to stop the pump;

2) Close the inlet and outlet gate valves, and wait for the pump to stop before turning the pump for 2-3 turns:

3) Manipulate the liquid level of the large tank to close the valve, cooling circulating water, lubricating grease, and other gate valves;

4) If it is a heat transfer oil pump, etc., temperature should be ensured to ensure safety.

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