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Oil free shielded deep well pump used in food industry, agriculture, health and safety

Oil free shielded deep well pump used in food industry, agriculture, health and safety

Shielded motor, special epoxy resin can injection, high efficiency heat conduction, and longer service life

Standard coolant for drinking water, water-cooled motors, environmentally friendly and healthy

1. High magnetic efficiency 600 silicon steel sheet

2. High temperature resistant 180 ° enameled wire

3. The entire machine reaches Class F insulation

5-200 meters

SS304 stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant

Maintenance-free water lubricated graphite bearings

The automatic water replenishment function of the one-way valve maintains the balance of internal and external pressure of the motor




Firstly, the pump body and impeller of the fluorine lined centrifugal pump are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material. PTFE is a material with extremely strong corrosion resistance, which can withstand various extreme environments such as strong acids, alkalis, high temperatures, and pressures, and is not easily corroded by chemicals, thus effectively extending the service life of the pump.

Secondly, the bearings of the fluorine lined centrifugal pump are made of polymer materials, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyetherimide (PEEK), etc. These materials not only have good chemical stability and wear resistance, but also can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature and pressure, while also ensuring the efficiency and stability of the pump operation.

In addition, the fluorine lined centrifugal pump also adopts various advanced sealing technologies, such as mechanical sealing, packing sealing, etc., which can effectively prevent pump body leakage and ensure pump efficiency and stability.

In summary, fluorine lined centrifugal pumps are a type of centrifugal pump with excellent corrosion and stability performance, which can be widely used in fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, power, environmental protection, etc., providing reliable guarantee for the production and operation of various industries.

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